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Masamoto Sohonten

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Masamoto Boning Knife
Masamoto Boning Knife is made from Hyper Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel that is resistant to..
Masamoto Gyuto Knife 24 cm
This Masamoto Gyuto Knife has a length of 24 cm, we would recommend it for apprentice chefs to ge..
Masamoto Gyuto Knife 27 cm
This Masamoto Gyuto Knife has a length of 27 cm, that maybe too long for home use, but is great f..
¥29,500.00 ¥27,500.00
Masamoto Sashimi Knife
Masamoto Sashimi Knife was born at the requests of Japanese cuisine’s chefs. Its lnarrow blade sl..
Masamoto Sushi Hocho
Masamoto Sushi Hocho is a traditional type of knives for cutting sushi and rolls. Such special Su..
Masamoto Sohonten was founded more than 150 years ago. The founder, Minosuke Matsuzawa, was the first maker in Kanto region (modern Tokyo) to produce Honyaki kitchen knives, the blades that were made by the same technologies that Samurai swords. Tokyo had never been a sword making center. So, in order to succeed as a knife master, Minosuke Matsuzawa went to the western part of Japan and became an apprentice in Osaka. The right clay for the steel forging was considered to be found only in the western Japan, Masamoto Sohonten’s founder had to find the right sort of clay around Tokyo on his own, making the precise calculations of the clay features that influence the forging process. He achieved the desired goal and started the very first professional knife store in Tokyo.
Masamoto Sohonten is proud to continue the founder’s passion and aiming to the best quality. Six generations of masters have been passing the secrets of blade making to each other. This cutlery maker has received multiple awards inside and outside Japan, including The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette, conferred to the 5th generation master, Morisuke Hirano, as a reward for his lifelong commitment to the traditional Japanese blade-making technique. 
Each knife is inspected by Grand Sharpening Master personally to ensure the quality before the knife could go to the store. Masamoto knives are loved by the chefs all over the world for their sharpness, durability and easy maintenance. Beware of the imitations and fakes! Regretfully, there are few makers that use Masamoto-alike brand names and steal Masamoto history and reputation in their descriptions. True Masamoto knives have an indication “Masamoto Sohonten”. Now you can purchase genuine Masamoto knives directly from Japan in our store. 
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