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Ryusen Hamono

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Ryusen Damascus Steel Gyuto Knife
Ryusen Damascus Steel Gyuto Knife has unique for each knife Damascus pattern, it cannot be repeat..
Ryusen Damascus Steel Nakiri Knife
Ryusen Damascus Steel Nakiri Knife has a Damascus pattern unique for each knife. While it ca..
Ryusen Damascus Steel Santoku Knife
Ryusen Damascus Steel Santoku Knife is made from 63 layers of nickel enriched steel with the core..

Ryusen Hamono Knives are made in Echizen city, pref. Fukui. Echizen (also named Takefu at 1948-2005) has been famous for more than 700 years as a sword-making center. The blades called “Echizen Uchi-Hamono” (Echizen hammer-forged blades) were highly valued amongst Samurai warlords.

Ryusen Hamono company was founded in 1953 by Mr. Hitoshi Masutani who spent 47 years polishing blades and studying new possibilities for further development. His children and grandchildren inherited founder’s passion for making best knives. Now three generation of craftsmen have been developing own special processing technique for thermal treatment, blade polishing, press and welding in order to seek new possibilities for blades.

Ryusen strives to offer high quality products using a traditional 'Echizen Uchihamono' forged blades techniques, and Ryusen Hamono also aims to advance to a new field, such as steak knife and stationery, based on the experience the company has gained till now. Rysen Knives have been displayed on various shows and exhibitions around the world, like "Haute Cuisine" in Paris, France, “Ambiente” in Frankfurt, Germany, “Le SALON” in Paris, France. Knives produced by Ryusen Hamono have received Good Design Awards number of times. And Ryusen Knives were the first in Japan to be granted the status of Dentouteki Kougeihin, National Traditional Craft Products, a very special status granted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry of Japan to the most qualified traditional goods. We are happy and proud to present Rysen Hamono Knives in our store, best prices and direct shipping from Japan. 

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