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Hocho knives

Hocho knives

Hocho knives from Japan

Buy Hocho knives directly from Japan!

Our store sells best Japanese knives, known as hocho, directly from Japan. Japanese hocho knives are sold directly from makers, you get high quality top class knives at best prices without paying any additional fees or commissions for proxy service. You can buy Japanese knives online and get your order in several days. As we are using Paypal system, it is extremely easy and simple to purchase knives from Japan, Japanese hocho knives and scissors from Japan makers. You are covered by Paypal guarantee and you can shop in our store with peace in mind.

Why should you buy Japanese hocho knives?

Japanese hocho knives are known to be one of the best knives in the world. The technology used to forge and make these knives is one of the oldest in the world, and when it comes to traditions and quality, the oldest often turns to be the best. For centuries Japanese craftsmen were making swords and weapon for aristocracy and imperial generals, and now these sophisticated technologies came to serve common people, creating best quality knives in the world. Top quality and sharpness of Japanese hocho knives are guaranteed by carefully selected materials and traditional methods of craftsmen work that existed for centuries. When you buy Japanese hocho knife directly from Japan, you order not a simple knife, but a real masterpiece, a fusion of art and technology which will serve you for many years, like ancient swards served to Generals and High Lords of Yamato centuries ago. Multy-layer structure of Japanese hocho knives is famous all over the world and this technology was born in the fires of ancient wars in Japan, when Shogun was forging the country with his will of steel.

What is the soul of Hocho Knive?

Warriors and people in Japan believed that every sword and every knife forged by craftsmen of old has its own soul. It was believed that Japanese swords and knives contain the spirit of traditions and the part of craftsman soul who forged it is transferred inside the blade. But not only warriors were treating their swords as life beings. Craftspeople, sushi masters and famous restaurant cooks always had a hocho knife in their possession which was believed to contain its own soul, its own heart that helped in their everyday hard work. This soul of Japanese knife was symbol of traditions, knowledge and experience passed down through generations. Every hocho knife has its own heart and you need to feel and understand it before you start using it.

What is the Japanese hocho knife price? Where I can buy original product?

Japanese hocho knives differ in price. The lowest price starts at 50-60 USD, and there is no upper limit. The price is slightly high, but it is nothing compared to Japanese hocho quality and a chance to use traditional tool born by the legacy of Lords and warriors of Old Japan. Remember, when you buy Japanese hocho knife, you will get not a simple tool, but a partner, a friend that will support you and help you using knowledge and technologies of Japanese craftsmen.  Please be sure to buy original Japanese hocho only directly from Japan! Otherwise you can purchase Chinese fake products that will be impossible to use in a few weeks or days. Jaanese hocho knives directly from Japan at best price and of best quality can be purchased from our store.

What types of Japanese hocho knives exist?

We sell only top quality and most famous brands. Tojiro knives and Tojiro Gyuto Hocho widely used in Japan, everlasting Masamoto Hocho knives, Sukenari Sashimi Hocho that are loved by sushi professionals, top quality Yoshikane Santoku Hocho knives with unique pattern, double-edged Suisin Inox Honyaki Gyuto Hocho knives, loved by chefs it top restaurants in Tokyo, Tanaka hocho knives and Misono hocho knives famous for multi-layer structure.


Japanese bonsai scissors and tools.

Buy best Japanese bonsai scissors and tools from Japan!

In our store you can purchase top-quality Japanese bonsai scissors and tools directly from Japanese makers. Bonsai shears, bonsai butterfly shears, bonsai scissors are available in our store at best price every day. E-mail us and we shall give you all necessary advices and consult you regarding any question about bonsai scissors, shears and tools.

What Japanese bonsai goods and tools are popular?

Bud shears, Satsuki shears and satsuki scissors are loved all over the world for their high quality and of course because they are so easy to use! Only top brands and best quality bonsai shears, used by bonsai professionals are sold in our store. Purchasing Bonsai tools gift set will be a great option if you want to buy someone, connected to Japanese culture, an original present. Scissors oil is also one of best sellers in our store. You may also find specialized bonsai brunch cutter and Shozaburo scissors, that are manufactured for more than a century.