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Japanese Cleaver Knife

Japanese Cleaver Knife

Cleavers came into use in Japan only at the beginning of the 20th century, when Japanese craftsmen had borrowed the design of the classic Chinese cutting instrument known as Chuka Bocho. Nowadays, a cleaver knife is an irreplaceable tool for every Japanese chef, as it is perfect for cooking meat and fish meals and working with vegetables and fruits. 

It is easy to recognize the Japanese cleaver chef knife among other cutting tools because of the remarkable design. It is famous for its big blade of rectangular form and comfortable hard handle.

Cleaver knives vary a lot based on the mass, length, and thickness of the blade. Namely, the thinnest blades of a light weight are perfect for delicate slicing. Meanwhile, the thickest and the most massive options are appropriate for butchery. There are also blades of a medium length and weight, which are universal cutting tools.

The average length of the clever blade is from 180 to 220 mm, and the usual height is approximately 100 mm. The typical weight of the light cutlery is 300 g, while a heavy Japanese cleaver knife may weigh 900 g.

Whichever cleaver you select, it is a universal cutting tool, which could be used for chopping, slicing, crushing, mincing, scraping, or dicing. So, factually, one high-quality cleaver could replace a classic Japanese chopper knife or even a Japanese knife for filleting fish.

The cutting process with the cleaver often requires using two hands. It is convenient to direct the blade with the fingers of your free hand when pulling or pushing the knife. This is possible because the blade of the cleaver is rather tall. In addition, it is safer and faster to cut big vegetables, such as cabbages, and massive fruits, for example, a pineapple. What is more, the cleaver, much like the Nakiri, could be used for removing spots from vegetables and fruits skin.

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