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Japanese Fillet Knife

Japanese Fillet Knife

Could you imagine an ideal set of chef knives that does not include a high-class fillet knife? Well, manufacturers of Japanese knives cannot do it either.

It is commonly known that working with fish in the kitchen is one of the most complicated processes. It is necessary to have at least a minimal cooking experience to cope with fish scales, small bones, and the finest fillet that is so easy to disrupt. However, having some skills is not everything you need. Every chef understands the importance and value of the right instrument. So, a Japan fillet knife is an indispensable tool for any chef’s set of cutlery. What is more, it can help even amateurs surprise guests with gourmet fish dishes.

Classic Japanese filleting knives are designed to ensure easy separation of fish fillet from bones and scales. Of course, due to the wide variety of tasks a cook has to deal with during food preparation, the Japanese fish knife comes in different designs, lengths, sizes, blade thickness, materials used for handles, etc.

However, regardless of the chosen type, you will receive a convenient tool, which is comfortable to work with thanks to the light weight and significant blade length. The latter usually ranges between 150 and 280 mm, making the Japanese fillet knife a perfect kitchen tool for delicate and accurate food processing. 

Moreover, besides the Japanese knife for filleting fish, there is also another type of fillet knife used to cut meat. It helps to remove tendons, skin, and fat from meat fillets.

It is possible to find fillet knives of all available shapes at the Hocho Knife online shop, which delivers state-of-the-art products from established local companies.

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