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Masamoto Knives

If you are looking for a chef knife making technology with a time-tested quality, Masamoto kitchen knives are exactly what you need. Masamoto knives are manufactured by Masamoto Sohonten, which has been on the market for more than 150 years. Minosuke Matsuzawa, the founder of the company, was the first manufacturer in the Kanto region (today’s Tokyo) who decided to provide blades made according to traditional technologies of Samurai swords production.

Since the Kanto region had never been famous for swords production, Minosuke Matsuzawa had to visit the west of Japan. In Osaka, the Masamoto Sohonten founder studied the technology of steel forging by special clay. After completing the study, he explored the features of clay available in the Kanto region and found a perfect sort of clay appropriate for quality steel forging.

Therefore, Masamoto knives production emerged not only as the first company manufacturing professional knives in the region but also was able to compete in quality with the best Japanese providers.

Nowadays, any Masamoto knife is produced with the same passion and is based on secret technologies of blade making and steel forging used for six generations of masters. The durability and reliability of the Masamoto chef knife are valued by amateurs and professionals all over the world. In addition, Masamoto cutlery has won a lot of awards, such as Gold Rays with Rosette, The Order of the Rising Sun, and others.

Masamoto Sohonten positions itself as a manufacturer of professional sushi knives. Professional sushi chefs prefer Masamoto products because of the easy maintenance and sharpness. However, Masamoto sushi knives are also appropriate for beginners and amateurs because their shape is safe and the handle is comfortable for working with small products.

What is more, the company attracts customers with the abundance of produced knives. Thus, the manufacturer offers different categories of cutlery:

  • VG Series (cutlery made of Hyper Molybdenum Vanadium)
  • ST (High Carbon Stainless Steel)
  • CT (Highest Carbon Steel)
  • HC (Virgin Carbon Steel)
  • KK (Kasumi White Steel)
  • KS (Hon Kasumi White Steel)
  • KA (Hon Kasumi Blue Steel)
  • KH (on Kasumi Blue Steel Damascus)

Find a wide choice of Masamoto products on the Hocho Japan website.

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