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Nakiri knives

Nakiri knives

Nakiri knives

Nakiri knives are designed especially for cutting vegetables, the word “nakiri” literally means “cutting vegetables”. Japanese craftsmen noticed long ago that for quick chopping the vegetables chefs tend to use only a part of knife with a horizontal blade near the handle rather than use all the blade by pulling and pushing it. So, there was an origin of Nakiri knives with the square form and thinner blade.Thin blade and the cutting edge going for full-cut at once allows to make beautiful cut even on delicate vegetables. Buy best quality Nakiri knife and forget about veggies sticking together by tiny threads!



Due to a thin blade, Japanese Nakiri knives are light-weighted, even the bigger ones. That’s why best quality Nakiri knives are loved by chefs all over the world, they help to cut large amounts of vegetables without tiring the hands and arms.  Nakiri knife’s blade usually has two bevels and can be used both by left and right hand. It is very easy and simple to use if you buy Nakiri knives from Japan.

Nakiri knives produced in Western regions of Japan have a rounder corner, while knives produced in Eastern regions tend to have more rectangular form with a sharp corner. These knives are made from the top-quality steel with the same technologies that were used for making warlords’ swords. You can purchase Nakiri knives made by famous Japanese masters at best price in our shop. Buy geniune Nakiri knives with direct shipping from Japan to your address in Hocho Knife Store.

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Shigehiro Fire-forged Damascus Steel Nakiri Knife
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