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Santoku Knives

Santoku Knives

Japanese word “Santoku” literally means “three virtues” or “three uses”. Santoku knife, which you can buy in our store, is a Japanese knife designed for three purposes at once: slicing, dicing and mincing, e.g. for vegetables, fish and meat. Santoku knives are exceptionally versatile. These Japanese knives have a straight edge and a straight dull back that curves towards the edge at the end. It gives the most control, because the dull back edge is made to be held by fingers.

Santoku knives are typically shorter, lighter, thinner, and more hardened (to compensate for thinness) than a traditional Western chef's knife. Made in Japan Santoku knives are excessively well-balanced; blade and handle are designed to work in harmony by matching the blade's width and weight to the weight of the handle. sometimes the handle has additional weight plate inside to balance the blade. There are many copies of Santoku-alike knives made outside Japan, but those often lack the famous Japanese quality. Foreign makers tend to change the traditional form and those changes make the knives lose the superior sharpness, hardness and cutting ability. Only Santoku knives made in Japan have this exclusive feature of single downward cut and even landing from heel to tip. It is a great luck to buy genuine made in Japan santoku knife as it will serve you long time with proper care.

In our store, we are happy and proud to offer to our customers fine Santoku knives made by Japanese masters with traditional technologies that were used for making swords to ancient warlords. You can buy genuine original Santoku knives at best discounted price directly from Japan with shipping to your address in our Hocho Knife store.

Iseya Damascus Steel Santoku Knife
Iseya Damascus Steel Santoku Knife is made from 33 layers of steel by the traditional Japanese te..
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Misono Santoku Knife
Misono Santoku Knife is made from Sweden pure stainless steel by traditional Japanese technologie..
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Ryusen Damascus Steel Santoku Knife
Ryusen Damascus Steel Santoku Knife is made from 63 layers of nickel enriched steel with the core..
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Sukenari Santoku Knife
Sukenari Santoku Knife is made from molybdenum grade alloy steel. This steel is valued for its hi..
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Takeshi Saji Damascus Aogami Steel Gyuto Knife
Takeshi Saji Damascus Aogami Steel Santoku Knife features shorter blade length (175 mm only), it ..
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Tanaka Damascus Steel Santoku Knife
Tanaka Damascus Steel Santoku Knife’s blade is made from 8-layered pure VG-10 steel. VG-10 is a g..
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Tojiro Pro Santoku Knife
Tojiro Pro Santoku Knife is all-stainless professional multipurpose tool. Santoku knife is a..
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Tojiro Santoku Knife
Tojiro Santoku Knife is the one you’ve always been looking for to become your most versatile knif..
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Yoshikane Santoku Knife
Yoshikane Santoku Knife has a rare sort of surface, that does not only look powerful and wild, bu..
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