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Suisin Knives

Japanese chef knives are famous all over the world as kitchen cutting tools, which are produced in accordance with century-old traditions. A Suisin knife is not an exception. 

Suisin Inox knives are provided in Sakai, which is known as a city of great cutting tool production since the 16th century. For many years, knives produced in Sakai have been considered the most durable and reliable.


Such high quality of Sakai cutlery is explained by the unique approach to the production process. The point is that all products are hand-made. In addition, due to the adherence to traditional technologies, blades have perfect length and thickness.

Suisin is a famous and reliable brand. Its cutlery production is based on the classic Sakai style of knife making. The Suisin trademark was founded in 1990 by Mr. Junro Aoki.


The name Suisin translates as “a stolen or dazzled heart,” which perfectly explains the enthusiasm of Mr. Junro Aoki as a master.    

An approach to every tool manufactured by the company is really impressive. Thus, it is necessary to spend a lot of time to make only one knife. The production involves many details, which need special care. All Suisin products have wear and rust resistance. In addition, the master provides hand sharpening to assure a high-quality edge.

However, the Suisin knife collection is based not only on classic Japanese technologies of knife making. The cutlery production in Sakai has always been affected by the Western style. So, today, Suisin uses Inox steel, which is imported from Sweden.

There is a special method of Inox steel processing, which is called Hon-Yaki technology. This processing method was invented for the production of Samurai swords.

Due to the exclusiveness of tools produced by this company and the hand-made process, which requires a lot of time, it is quite difficult to buy Suisin cutlery.

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