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Tanaka Knives

Tanaka Knives

Are you looking for a hand-made knife produced according to the old technologies of Samurai sword-making? Then, this Tanaka knives review is exactly what you need. 

Shigeki Tanaka knives are crafted by Mr. Tanaka Shigeru, one of the youngest craftsmen in the Japanese cutlery-making industry. Although this master is a new player on the market, Tanaka knives have already become very popular among customers from all around the world, including some Michelin-starred chefs.

Everyone knows that when you opt for Tanaka cutlery, you choose exclusiveness and high quality. Mr. Tanaka Shigeru’s business is small, as the staff includes a few workers only, apart from the master himself. So, each Tanaka knife goes through the craftsman’s hands. Mr. Tanaka Shigeru controls all steps of knife making, from steel forging to handle finishing. The master uses knives production technologies created by old manufacturers in Takefu, which is a city famous for the best sword-making. 

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