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Here you can find feedback from our customers. Those who kindly provided their feedback via our contact form or by e-mail. 


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DATE Tracking Number Country Feedback
2019.09.30 RA055743303JP Israil Good present, good shop.
2019.09.30 RA055743294JP USA Great japanese service and product
2019.09.26 RA055743334JP Singapore thank you, goods delivered in 5 days
2019.09.26 EG700923741JP USA Thanks
2019.09.26 RA055743325JP Russia Bought  for my husband Thanks!
2019.09.25 RA055744082JP Ukraine High quality product, real vip product
2019.09.25 RA055744096JP Lithuania 2 times cheaper than in my city
2019.09.24 RA055744175JP Turkey Got  today. Original product, confirm.
2019.09.24 RA055744119JP Bulgaria Thanks, package delivered today
2019.09.18 RA055744269JP Romania Got goods, best regards!
2019.09.12 RA055744365JP Germany I wish you great business!
2019.09.11 RA055744391JP Estonia Price is really low!
2019.09.11 RA055744431JP Spain You socmetiics is the best, I am your client
2019.09.11 RA055744405JP Switzerland Prices arte lower than on amazon
2019.09.09 RA055744723JP Moldova Real japanese service,
2019.09.07 EG700923707JP Russia Japanese quality is the best ever,
2019.09.05 RA055744595JP Laos Got parcel yesterday, thaks.
2019.09.05 RA055744516JP Germany Got goods without any problems, as promissed
2019.09.05 RA055744581JP Spain Package was torn but goods were not harmed
2019.09.04 RA055744520JP Latvia No additional custom dues, as was stated
2019.09.04 RA055744493JP Thailand Thank you, thank you very much.
2019.09.02 RA055744745JP Russia Both quality and service are outstanding
2019.08.30 EG700723619JP Russia good quality
2019.08.29 RA055744771JP Switzerland Very nice, great product
2019.08.28 RA055744808JP Canada Swift shipping, thanks!
2019.08.25 EG700923891JP Russia Very good package, safe shipping.
2019.08.21 RA055744961JP Poland Original product at good price.
2019.08.19 RA055744992JP Australia Received parcel today, thank you.
2019.08.18 RA055743039JP Ukraine Got my knife, hope it cuts well.
2019.08.18 RA055743056JP Poland Bought original bonsai set, thanks.
2019.08.16 RA055743087JP Germany Very good service.
2019.08.11 RA059596375JP Indonesia Raplied all questions and adviced best options.
2019.08.09 RA059596438JP Bulgaria Thank you for your servive.
2019.08.08 RA059596469JP Hong Kong I shall order again!
2019.08.08 RA059596628JP Ukraine Thank you for your work!
2019.08.06 RA059596588JP Russia Goods receivied, thanks.
2019.08.06 RA059596565JP USA Thank you for japanese service.
2019.08.06 RA059596591JP France Great knives thank you.
2019.08.04 RA059596490JP Greece Nice to have business with you.
2019.08.02 RR456256073JP Germany Thank you for original melsmon.
2019.08.01 RR456256100JP USA Goods received,
2019.07.31 RR456256113JP UK Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
2019.07.28 RR456256144JP Lithuania Great quality at low price
2019.07.28 RR456256201JP Thailand Thanks a lot!
2019.07.28 EG686769443JP Russia Goods delivered on time.
2019.07.26 RR456256285JP Norway Thank you fo great work.
2019.07.25 RR456256317JP Singapore I am in love with your site!
2019.07.24 RR456256325JP Bulgaria Use your knife for 2 years
2019.07.24 RR456256348JP Germany Bought seki knives great effect.
2019.07.22 RR456256382JP Cyprus Got parcel after 10 days! That was long
2019.07.19 RR456256405JP Thailand Thank you.
2019.07.15 EG686769390JP Russia Got goods.
2019.07.11 RR456255095JP Poland Great japanese service.
2019.07.11 RR456255078JP Germany Promt delivery and no additional taxes!
2019.07.07 RR456254996JP Australia Waited for reply for 1 day, but feedback is good
2019.07.07 RR456255002JP Lithuania Very polite staff.
2019.07.07 EG686769987JP Russia Got goods, tmany thanks.
2019.07.07 EG686769973JP Russia very nice scissors, thanks
2019.07.03 RR456254979JP Germany Bought minophagen, good thing!
2019.07.02 RR456254951JP Spain Pleasant staff. Shall use this store
2019.07.02 EG686769956JP Russia Package received today. Thank you
2019.07.02 EG686769960JP Russia Proffesional support, great store.
2019.07.01 RR456254917JP Ukraine The best service I ever dealt with.
2019.06.28 RR456254894JP Poland High quality sream and essence.
2019.06.28 RR456254885JP Thailand I love you guys! No match for chinese goods
2019.06.26 EG686769939JP Russia Ordered bonsai set, got yesterday
2019.06.23 CD351459981JP Ukraine Wide choice and pleasant attitude
2019.06.20 RR456254713JP Georgia Very good store,
2019.06.18 EG686769899JP Russia Japan is number one! Thank you.
2019.06.17 RR456254735JP Spain Japanese knives are outstanding and great
2019.06.16 RR456254789JP USA Reliable business partner.
2019.06.12 EG686769823JP Singapore Got in 1 week. Thank you.
2019.06.11 RR456256008JP Spain Very good cure, I advice to use it
2019.06.11 RR456255943JP Ukraine VIP quality and support.
2019.06.11 RR456254846JP Canada Good parcel without problems or custom dues
2019.06.11 RR456256039JP Latvia Great precise work.
2019.06.11 RR456254850JP Canada Got in 4 days, thank you.
2019.06.11 RR456255988JP Germany Goods received,
2019.06.11 EG686769783JP Russia Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
2019.06.11 EG686769810JP Russia Great quality at optimal price
2019.06.06 RR456255912JP Latvia Thanks a lot!
2019.06.02 RR456255872JP Italy Got parcel yesterday.
2019.06.01 RR456255855JP Poland Thak you for your work.
2019.05.30 RR456255824JP Spain Wide choice of goods,
2019.05.30 RR456255838JP USA got parcek yesterday
2019.05.27 RR456255740JP Georgia Why the courier did not leave the notice?!
2019.05.25 RR456255736JP USA Seki is number one!
2019.05.25 RA045380330JP Bulgaria Price is really low!
2019.05.23 RA045380374JP Canada Arigato!!
2019.05.22 RA045380391JP Germany Got parcel today, I liked the present
2019.05.22 EG686769681JP Russia Couries brought goods. You asked to e-mail you.
2019.05.21 RA045380414JP Ukraine Bought origiinal product. Love it.
2019.05.21 RA045380431JP Poland Japanese knife is the best choice.
2019.05.21 RA045380405JP Cyprus Thanks for gift, bath salt is great
2019.05.21 EG686769678JP Russia Nakiri is the best I ever bought
2019.05.17 RA045380480JP Russia Competetive price for Masamoto products
2019.05.16 RA045380516JP Germany Very nice shop.
2019.05.13 RR421164164JP France Bought with discount!
2019.05.10 RR421164218JP Germany It is nice to have business with you.
2019.05.10 EG686769655JP Russia Thank you. Received today.
2019.05.10 RR421164195JP USA Tanaka knives are a miracle.
2019.05.10 RR421164181JP Malaysia Purchase for 2 years alreadt. Great scissors
2019.05.10 RR421164178JP USA You asked to notify you once I get goods.
2019.05.09 RR421164249JP Germany Cancelled the order, got money back.
2019.05.09 EG686769620JP Russia A reliable business partner
2019.05.08 RR456254625JP Ukraine Courier brought parcel 2 hours ago.
2019.04.28 EG686769580JP Russia Thank you.
2019.04.27 RR421164955JP Canada Great shop and potile staff
2019.04.27 RR456254510JP Belgium Japanese service.
2019.04.25 RR421164941JP USA Very good store and products
2019.04.25 RR421164972JP UK Tanaka knives are my favourite!
2019.04.23 RR421165006JP USA Received today, confirm
2019.04.23 EG299315343JP Russia Original goods at reasanable price
2019.04.19 RR421163977JP Germany Thank you for your attitude.
2019.04.17 RR421163985JP Ukraine Got parcel, thank you Alex!
2019.04.15 RA045380034JP Switzeland Hocho-japan is number one!
2019.04.12 RA045380122JP Ukraine Price is really low!
2019.04.12 RA045380096JP USA Arigato gozaimashita!!
2019.04.12 RA045380119JP USA Got parcel today, I loiked the present
2019.04.12 RA045380082JP Cyprus EMS staff delivered goods. You asked to e-mail you.
2019.04.12 RA045380079JP Казахстан Bought origiinal product. Love it.
2019.04.11 RA045380136JP UK Thank you.
2019.04.11 RA045380167JP Ukraine Thanks for gift, bath salt is great
2019.04.11 RA045380140JP Thailand Nice to have business with you.
2019.04.11 RA045380153JP UK Competetive price and polite staff.
2019.04.07 EG299315167JP Russia Very nice shop.
2019.04.06 RA045380309JP Austria Bought with discount!
2019.04.06 RA045380286JP Ukraine It is nice to have business with you.
2019.04.06 RA045380269JP Poland Thank you. Received today.
2019.04.06 RA045380241JP Poland I recommend your shop to all who is looking for…
2019.04.04 EG689296243JP Russia Great product at great price, thanks!
2019.04.04 EG689296230JP Russia You asked to notify you once I get goods.
2019.03.31 EG689296190JP Russia Cancelled my order, and got money back in 24 hrs.
2019.03.29 RX034404429JP Ukraine A reliable business partner
2019.03.28 RA045379861JP Russia Courier brought parcel 2 hours ago.
2019.03.28 RA045379858JP New Zealand Thank you.
2019.03.28 EJ678467256JP Russia Great shop and potile staff
2019.03.27 RX034393519JP Russia Japanese service is best in the world.
2019.03.24 EG689296186JP Russia Very good store and products
2019.03.22 RX028714568JP USA Baby foot is my favourite!
2019.03.16 RA047108597JP UK Goods received
2019.03.16 EG689296138JP Russia Original goods at reasanable price
2019.03.11 RA012312663JP Singapore Thank you for your attitude.
2019.03.11 RA047108570JP Russia Got parcel, thank you Alex!
2019.03.08 EG689296084JP Russia Buy for my Daddy every year. Thanks!
2019.03.05 RA012312615JP Russia Timely delivery and good service.
2019.03.01 EG689296040JP Russia Thanks for good word
2019.02.28 EG674525877JP Russia Parcel well received. Thanks