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Our Customers in August

Our Customers in August

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DATE Tracking Number Country Feedback
2021.08.30 RX112667783JP New Zealand Good present, good shop.
2021.08.30 RX112775712JP Germany Great japanese service and product
2021.08.30 EN126025245JP USA thank you, goods delivered in 5 days
2021.08.27 CN024213835JP Russia Thanks
2021.08.24 EN122559695JP USA Bought  for my husband Thanks!
2021.08.23 RX112158220JP Болгария High quality product, real vip product
2021.08.23 CN023890747JP Kazakhstan 2 times cheaper than in my city
2021.08.23 EN123757935JP Malaysia Got  today. Original product, confirm.
2021.08.20 RX112008891JP France Thanks, package delivered today
2021.08.19 RX111998069JP Hong Kong Got goods, best regards!
2021.08.19 CN023730042JP Cambodia I wish you great business!
2021.08.17 RX111730374JP Netherlands Price is really low!
2021.08.17 RX111657087JP Germany You socmetiics is the best, I am your client
2021.08.17 RX111773715JP UAE Prices arte lower than on amazon
2021.08.17 CN023751983JP Russia Real japanese service,
2021.08.17 EN123486362JP Indonesia Japanese quality is the best ever,
2021.08.17 EN123324532JP USA Got parcel yesterday, thaks.
2021.08.09 EN122417811JP USA Got goods without any problems, as promissed
2021.08.06 RX111049268JP Spain Package was torn but goods were not harmed
2021.08.05 RX110919691JP Netherlands No additional custom dues, as was stated
2021.08.05 EN122062367JP USA Thank you, thank you very much.
2021.08.03 RX110718933JP Thailand Both quality and service are outstanding
2021.08.03 RX110812514JP Germany good quality
2021.08.02 RX110512925JP UK Very nice, great product
2021.08.02 RX110511995JP France Swift shipping, thanks!
2021.07.29 RX110231125JP Ukraine Very good package, safe shipping.
2021.07.29 EN120865278JP Mexico Original product at good price.
2021.07.28 EN120034451JP Indonesia Received parcel today, thank you.
2021.07.27 EN120077770JP Vietnam Got my knife, hope it cuts well.
2021.07.26 EN120567827JP Malaysia Bought original bonsai set, thanks.
2021.07.23 RX109955056JP Singapore Very good service.
2021.07.23 RX109793883JP UK Raplied all questions and adviced best options.
2021.07.19 CN022284975JP Russia Thank you for your servive.
2021.07.19 EN119461642JP USA I shall order again!
2021.07.16 RX109529521JP Italy Thank you for your work!
2021.07.16 EN117429556JP USA Goods receivied, thanks.
2021.07.15 RX109510202JP Germany Thank you for japanese service.
2021.07.15 RX109159208JP Singapore Great knives thank you.
2021.07.15 CN022065604JP Kazakhstan Nice to have business with you.
2021.07.12 RX109121922JP Belgium Thank you for original melsmon.
2021.07.12 CN021854821JP Hong Kong Goods received,
2021.07.09 RX109094538JP Germany Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
2021.07.09 RX108918825JP Thailand Great quality at low price
2021.07.08 RX108676700JP Korea S. Thanks a lot!
2021.07.08 EN117100028JP USA Goods delivered on time.
2021.07.07 CN021690589JP Russia Thank you fo great work.
2021.07.05 RX108446701JP Singapore I am in love with your site!
2021.07.05 RX108562194JP Netherlands Use your knife for 2 years
2021.07.05 RX108552957JP Bulgaria Bought seki knives great effect.
2021.07.05 EN116866820JP USA Got parcel after 10 days! That was long
2021.07.02 RX108518828JP Italy Thank you.
2021.07.02 RX108573016JP Belarus Got goods.
2021.07.02 RX108331598JP UK Great japanese service.
2021.07.02 EN116334551JP Malaysia Promt delivery and no additional taxes!
2021.07.01 RX108261194JP France Waited for reply for 1 day, but feedback is good
2021.07.01 EN116092872JP USA Very polite staff.
2021.06.29 RX108180986JP Italy Got goods, tmany thanks.
2021.06.28 EN115934885JP Philippines very nice scissors, thanks
2021.06.25 RX107947940JP Thailand Bought minophagen, good thing!
2021.06.25 RX107922877JP Germany Pleasant staff. Shall use this store
2021.06.21 RX107416456JP Germany Package received today. Thank you
2021.06.19 RX107387437JP Korea S. Proffesional support, great store.
2021.06.19 RX107189459JP Ukraine The best service I ever dealt with.
2021.06.17 RX107157473JP UK High quality sream and essence.
2021.06.17 EN111801393JP Philippines I love you guys! No match for chinese goods
2021.06.14 RX107111644JP Singapore Ordered bonsai set, got yesterday
2021.06.14 RX106952461JP Thailand Wide choice and pleasant attitude
2021.06.14 CN020394514JP Kazakhstan Very good store,
2021.06.12 RX106867896JP Spain Japan is number one! Thank you.
2021.06.12 RX106804689JP Netherlands Japanese knives are outstanding and great
2021.06.12 EN112936701JP USA Reliable business partner.
2021.06.10 RX106575028JP Spain Got in 1 week. Thank you.
2021.06.10 RX106588772JP Denmark Very good cure, I advice to use it
2021.06.08 RX106668833JP Bulgaria VIP quality and support.
2021.06.07 RX106484168JP France Good parcel without problems or custom dues
2021.06.07 RX106320368JP Latvia Great precise work.
2021.06.07 RX106485490JP Switzerland Got in 4 days, thank you.
2021.06.07 CN019922205JP Russia Goods received,
2021.06.04 EN110925034JP USA Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
2021.06.04 RX106187244JP Poland Great quality at optimal price
2021.06.04 CN019667312JP Belarus Thanks a lot!
2021.06.03 RX106004989JP Sweden Got parcel yesterday.
2021.06.03 EN110524124JP UK Thak you for your work.
2021.05.31 RX105828131JP Poland Wide choice of goods,
2021.05.27 EN109687638JP Malaysia got parcek yesterday
2021.05.26 RX105351678JP Thailand Why the courier did not leave the notice?!
2021.05.24 RX105132788JP Azerbaijan Seki is number one!
2021.05.24 CN019184133JP Russia Price is really low!
2021.05.21 RX104923255JP France Arigato!!
2021.05.21 EN108792056JP Kenya Got parcel today, I liked the present
2021.05.20 RX104854400JP Lithuania Couries brought goods. You asked to e-mail you.
2021.05.20 RX104801251JP Belarus Bought origiinal product. Love it.
2021.05.20 EN108616754JP Philippines Japanese knife is the best choice.
2021.05.19 RX104965754JP Switzerland Thanks for gift, bath salt is great
2021.05.19 RX104737482JP New Zealand Nakiri is the best I ever bought
2021.05.17 RX104578857JP Thailand Competetive price for Masamoto products
2021.05.16 RX104467003JP Ukraine Very nice shop.
2021.05.16 RX104355545JP Germany Bought with discount!
2021.05.16 EN107832978JP Mexico It is nice to have business with you.
2021.05.12 RX104174628JP UK Thank you. Received today.
2021.05.10 RX103924121JP Belgium Tanaka knives are a miracle.
2021.05.10 RX103927967JP Qatar Purchase for 2 years alreadt. Great scissors
2021.05.08 RX104057374JP UK You asked to notify you once I get goods.
2021.05.06 RX103656495JP Singapore Cancelled the order, got money back.
2021.05.06 RX103494890JP Italy A reliable business partner
2021.05.06 CN018143438JP Russia Courier brought parcel 2 hours ago.
2021.04.29 RX103162288JP Germany Thank you.
2021.04.29 RX103224209JP Bulgaria Great shop and potile staff
2021.04.29 EN105362389JP Ghana Japanese service.
2021.04.28 RX103188342JP Singapore Very good store and products
2021.04.26 RX102682344JP France Tanaka knives are my favourite!
2021.04.26 RX102697074JP Thailand Received today, confirm
2021.04.23 CN017258536JP Russia Original goods at reasanable price
2021.04.20 CN016931287JP Kazakhstan Thank you for your attitude.
2021.04.19 RX102238144JP UK Got parcel, thank you Alex!
2021.04.17 RX101881352JP Poland Hocho-japan is number one!
2021.04.15 RX101995641JP Ukraine Price is really low!
2021.04.13 EN103627049JP Indonesia Arigato gozaimashita!!
2021.04.12 RX101565960JP Switzerland Got parcel today, I loiked the present
2021.04.10 RX101467959JP Spain EMS staff delivered goods. You asked to e-mail you.
2021.04.06 RX101248627JP Taiwan Bought origiinal product. Love it.
2021.04.06 RX101191162JP UK Thank you.
2021.04.05 RX100883388JP UK Thanks for gift, bath salt is great
2021.04.05 RX100880112JP Bulgaria Nice to have business with you.
2021.04.03 RX100683599JP Thailand Competetive price and polite staff.
2021.04.01 RX100690263JP Lithuania Very nice shop.
2021.03.31 RX100535079JP Belgium Bought with discount!
2021.03.31 EN101452818JP Indonesia It is nice to have business with you.
2021.03.29 EN101172336JP Malaysia Thank you. Received today.
2021.03.26 RX100082285JP Ukraine I recommend your shop to all who is looking for…
2021.03.26 RX100057895JP Singapore Great product at great price, thanks!
2021.03.25 RX080415945JP Lithuania You asked to notify you once I get goods.
2021.03.25 RX079972827JP UK Cancelled my order, and got money back in 24 hrs.
2021.03.25 CN010467557JP Russia A reliable business partner
2021.03.20 RX079749328JP Thailand Courier brought parcel 2 hours ago.
2021.03.20 RX004533504JP Italy Thank you.
2021.03.19 RX004475280JP Hong Kong Great shop and potile staff
2021.03.19 RX004363646JP Kazakhstan Japanese service is best in the world.
2021.03.19 RX004355097JP Germany Very good store and products
2021.03.15 RX080105342JP Spain Baby foot is my favourite!
2021.03.15 RX004627970JP Korea S. Goods received
2021.03.12 RX080514466JP Finland Original goods at reasanable price
2021.03.11 RX080097164JP UK Thank you for your attitude.
2021.03.11 RX080097765JP Monaco Got parcel, thank you Alex!
2021.03.08 RX074917815JP Switzerland Buy for my Daddy every year. Thanks!
2021.03.05 RX074698125JP Spain Timely delivery and good service.
2021.03.05 CN009221931JP Russia Thanks for good word
2021.03.04 RX003740045JP Cyprus Parcel well received. Thanks