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Our Customers in August

Our Customers in August

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2023.8.31 RX166733534JP Australia Original product at good price.
2023.8.29 EN275413726JP USA Received parcel today, thank you.
2023.8.29 RX167207676JP Azerbaijan Got my knife, hope it cuts well.
2023.8.28 EN272997586JP USA Bought original bonsai set, thanks.
2023.8.25 RX165991214JP Azerbaijan Very good service.
2023.8.25 EN274695552JP USA Raplied all questions and adviced best options.
2023.8.22 RX166083198JP Singapore Thank you for your servive.
2023.8.21 RX166240401JP Australia I shall order again!
2023.8.21 EN272749743JP USA Thank you for your work!
2023.8.17 RX165778446JP Australia Goods receivied, thanks.
2023.8.17 RX166000397JP Hong Kong Thank you for japanese service.
2023.8.17 EN270820285JP USA Great knives thank you.
2023.8.17 EN272414435JP Malaysia Nice to have business with you.
2023.8.15 RX165221370JP Italy Thank you for original melsmon.
2023.8.15 EN271287378JP Mexico Goods received,
2023.8.15 RX164889030JP Israel Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
2023.8.14 EN271434632JP France Great quality at low price
2023.8.10 RX164811786JP China Thanks a lot!
2023.8.10 RX165539106JP Estonia Goods delivered on time.
2023.8.10 EN271344557JP USA Thank you fo great work.
2023.8.7 RX164747283JP Azerbaijan I am in love with your site!
2023.8.7 RX164859069JP Switzerland Use your knife for 2 years
2023.8.7 EN271995615JP Canada Bought seki knives great effect.
2023.8.7 RX165575284JP Luxembourg Got parcel after 10 days! That was long
2023.8.7 EN271839178JP Vietnam Thank you.
2023.8.3 EN269644796JP Tunisia Got goods.
2023.8.1 RX164329534JP Poland Great japanese service.