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Jubee 210 mm Scissors
Jubee 210 mm Scissors
Jubee 210 mm Scissors
Product Code Shirogami White Paper Steel by Hitachi
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Jubee 210 mm Scissors

Product Code : Shirogami White Paper Steel by Hitachi

Availability : 10


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Jubee 210 mm Scissors are made from Shirogami White Paper Steel produced by Hitachi. This carbon steel type contains minimum impurities that is ever possible with the latest technologies. Shirogami steel is made from iron ore sand that is so rich it can be extracted from river beds with magnets. White Paper Hitachi steel is extremely fine grained and once forged and heat treated, it gets very good edge holding and very high hardness. That’s why Jubee 210 mm Scissors feature excessive hardenability, durability and sharpness.

Japanese tailors used the knifes for cutting straight lines and little U-shaped shears for precise cuts, those were typically made by the same technology as the swords blades. Japanese blades often combine different types of steel of differing hardness. The edge, which must be hard to maintain sharpness, is made of hard metal. But the soft metal will resist chipping and will bend rather than break. One more feature of Japanese sewing scissors is there professional polishing, when the master takes time to sharpen each single pair of scissors to make sure they cut perfectly whatever you want them to cut. In the middle of XIX century Japanese people started wearing Western style clothes, so the tailors became using Western-style X-shaped shears. But the imported ones were heavy, bulky and not as sharp as Japanese scissors, so Japanese blade-making masters were requested to make the best sewing scissors, that are now famous all over the world.

Jubee scissors brand belongs to Nakajima-Riki, a small company in pref. Hyogo that manages to present their sewing scissors in near 500 shops all over Japan. Jubee scissors are highly appreciated by Japanese tailors as the ones that truly follow the tradition of making the best blades. Jubee 210 mm Scissors are more convenient for making precise cuts, sewing children clothes, making small and medium size craft projects etc. You can buy Jubee 210 mm Scissors in our shop at best price directly from Japan.

Length: 210 mm

Material: Shirogami White Paper Steel by Hitachi

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