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Tojiro Flash Boning Knife
Tojiro Flash Boning Knife
Tojiro Flash Boning Knife
Product Code Boning knife for fish, meat and poultry
Availability 6
Price ¥20,600.00
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Tojiro Flash Boning Knife

Product Code : Boning knife for fish, meat and poultry

Availability : 6


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What are technical characteristics of Tojiro Flash Boning Knife?

Blade length: 180 mm

Overall Length: 350 mm

Weight: 195 g

Material: 37-Layer Damascus steel for blade, Micarta strengthen plywood and 18-8 stainless steel for handle

Left or right hand: Both left and right hand

How to use Tojiro Flash Boning Knife?

Tojiro Flash Boning Knife is designed for cutting up and boning fish, meat and poultry. Its arched narrow blade allows to remove the fish flesh from the bones in one cut. And the hard-wearing Damascus steel gives the knife strength to separate meat from bone as well as slice through joints and cartilage.

Where is Tojiro Flash Boning Knife made?

Tojiro factory is located in Niigata prefecture, former province Tsubame-Sanjo, that used to be a famous Japanese sword producing district for centuries. Many generations of the craftsmen worked on improving the technique of making best quality blade. Now it has transformed to cutlery manufacturing technique that produces superiorly sharp and durable Tojiro knives to be loved and admired by chefs from all over the world. The sharpness without compromise comes together with the easiness of care in Tojiro cutlery. Only the highest standards steel is used for the blades.

What makes Tojiro Flash Boning Knife so special?

Tojiro Flash Boning Knife’s blade is made from 37 layers of steel:

  • the cobalt alloy steel as a durable core,
  • layered high-carbon and low-carbon stainless steel for the sharp blade surface,
  • the knife is easy to resharpen,
  • the surface of Flash series knives is polished to get a special sort of shine and easy gliding.

Despite having rather long blade, Tojiro Flash Boning Knide is lightweight, 195 g only. The handmade Damascus steel pattern is unique for each blade and cannot be repeated. As the blade is symmetrical, this knife can be used for both left and right hand. The materials used for the handle are Micarta strengthen plywood and 18-8 stainless steel. The handle' form is designed to grip it firmly without slipping out. You can buy Tojiro Flash Boning Knife from Japan at a reasonable price in our store.

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